As SolarAPEX, we started off with the motto “Generating Our Own Energy Through Our Solar Power Potential”, Our Energy, by contributing primarily to reducing our country’s dependence on foreign energy by means of our installations and investments of ground-mounted, rooftop, floating and hybrid solar energy systems.

Established with an innovative approach, our company is also a data and a technology company thanks to the R&D activities it has developed. The company has the necessary technological infrastructure which enables its customers to have access to instant data of their solar energy investments and to monitor the operation of their solar power plant. This feature of ours supports our claim on our maintenance and repair services.

Rooftop solar energy system installations have gained momentum with the adoption of electricity generation through the monthly offset law, which took its final shape in August 2019, which was first introduced in May 2019 in Turkey. In this context, we ensure that residences, private properties, businesses with intensive electricity consumption, industrial establishments and enterprises generate their own electricity through environmentally friendly methods.

Within the scope of the monthly settlement regulations, we ensure that electricity bill subscriber companies reduce their electricity bills, reset them or gain profit from electricity sales by ensuring them to produce as close to their consumption values as possible, or even more than the consumed value so that they could sell the electricity they produce in excess if conditions permit. With the solar power plants, we have established, and we will establish, we aim to contribute to our investors, the nature and our country. With the help of power plants that only need solar radiation, we minimize the damage of imported raw materials (imported coal, natural gas, etc.) to the national economy and nature.

We bear the objective of carrying out the monitoring, maintenance and repair of solar power plants throughout the world with

HSW Energy assurance by expanding our installation points into global scale.